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Production Supplies for Film/Video and Theatre; Scenic Artist Supplies

Gobos or gaffers tape, flame retardant or makeup - Limelight Productions® has the essential supplies and perishables. Most items are in-stock and ship "same day" if ordered by noon.

Limelight Brushes

Great Prices on brushes. Limelight brushes are manufactured from unbleached Shanghai bristles. Brush/Fitch sets are available for online purchase.

Plastic Snow

Limelight's best-selling plastic snow flakes work with DMX snow machines as well traditional snow cradles and for display purposes. Sold in 30lb boxes. Call 1-243-4950 to order.

Scene Paint

Large stock of Rosco Paints, flame retardants, primers ready for immediate shipping - Iddings Deep Colors, Super Saturated, Off Broadway, Rosco Video Paints.

Effects Fluids

Fluids for Fog, Snow and Bubble Machines: Rosco Fog Fluid, Le Maitre, Ultratec, JEM i-Fog.


Most popular styles in stock. Many legacy, hard-to-find lamps available.


Color filters from all manufacturers/lines - Rosco, GAM, Lee, CalColor, Storaro, Cinegel.


Gaffers Tape, Rescue Tape & more for Film, Studio and Stage. From Board Tape to Do-Not-X-Ray tape, in stock and ready to ship.


Ben Nye kits and accessories in stock.

Dirty Rigger Gloves

Dirty Rigger Gloves are the best, and only, gloves designed specifically for the type work performed in the entertainment industry.

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