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 Sun through clerestory and high windows creates a lighting challenge.
Sun through clerestory and high windows creates a challenge for broadcast lighting.

Limelight at the World Meeting of Families

Limelight was pleased to be invited to work with CMI Communications of Rochester, NY to provide lighting support for three broadcast studios used during Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia and the World Meeting of Families.

Truss installation

Limelight's Richard (Rico) Sands served as Lighting Director for three studios created for EWTN (Catholic Television Network), EWTN Spanish Network and Salt & Light from Canada.

New LED Fixtures were purchased specifically for this project including the Creamsource Doppio Daylight Fixture by Outsight, with light output equivalent to a 1200W HMI, and the Creamsource Doppio Adjustable Daylight to Tungsten Fixture, equivalent to a 575W HMI in Daylight mode and a 2000W soft light in Tungsten mode. Both fixtures can be powered by battery, have traditional Barn Doors, Honeycomb Louvers and 30 or 60 degree Lenses. In addition to the Creamsource fixtures, the LED LitePanel Astra 1'x1' Bi-Color 5600K-3200K - the latest LED from Vitec - was employed.

Installation was by IATSE Local 8.

LED LitePanel Astra1'x1' Bi-Color 5600K-3200K

Creamsource Doppio Daylight Fixture by Outsight

Studio ready for broadcast

Broadcast in progress

Broadcast in progress

About the Equipment Used

Creamsource Doppio Flood Panels

Creamsource Doppio with 140 high power LEDs with double density spacing

The Creamsource Doppio has 140 high power LEDs with double density spacing. Available in both Tungsten and Daylight colour temperatures, it has similar light output to a 800W HMI, but draws only 360W.

Litepanel Astra 1x1 BiColor Fixtures

ASTRA 1x1 Bi-Color panel
The ASTRA 1x1 Bi-Color panel is tunable from daylight to tungsten with a light output that is up to four times brighter than traditional LED panels. The higher intensity results in a longer throw and illuminates a wider area, allowing the panel to compete with strong exterior light sources or illuminate a large area effectively with just a single fixture.

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