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ETC's ArcLamp - the elegant solution for quality lighting and smooth dimming!

ArdLamp System as retrofitted

Transition to smooth dimming with ArcLamp

If quality light and smooth dimming are your priorities, ArcLamp is your LED solution.

ArcLamp provides up to 90% energy savings and stepless dimming from 100% to absolute zero without compromising on aesthetics or light quality. The 4.4-watt LED lamp is available in candle and globe form with clear or frosted options in both medium-screw (E26) and candelabra (E12) base sizes - perfect energy-efficient lamp for chandeliers, sconces, wall lights, proscenium lights and more.

5 ArcLamp styles

Connect to ArcMesh wireless technology

The ArcLamp Driver allows for accurate dimming to absolute zero for all ArcLamps. Use the RJ45 in- and out-connections to facilitate your wired-DMX system or use the ArcMesh Transmitter to connect to your wireless ArcMesh system.

ArcMesh technology diagram

ArcLamp Drivers are easy to install and are available in 150W, 350W and 700W sizes, supporting 25, 60 or 120 individual 40W replacement ArcLamps.

Safety First

Limelight is committed to safety and believes that life safety issues are always paramount. Limelight is a recognized employer of ETCP certified inspectors and installers.

Who is your safest hire? It's always a ETCP certified installer or technician.

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