Lighting & Effects for Corporate Events, Product Displays and Exhibits

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Meetings, product showcases, trade shows - lighting can transform a mundane, everyday space into a magical showcase; create a magnificent corporate landscape for VIP arrivals; illuminate a keynote speaker without washing out accompanying media presentations; add drama to product unveiling; facilitate broadcast-quality video production; and much more. Let our event specialist put your corporate event in a better light.

We specialize in controlled lighting solutions that make it possible to illuminate a speaker or head table without washing out slide shows and other projections.


  • For the stage/rostrum
  • Product presentation
  • Control lighting to facilitate more effective multimedia presentations (slides, videos, etc)
  • Landscape - create drama in the corporate setting
  • Architecture - transform a mundane space
  • Film, video and photography - provide adequate lighting for documentation


  • Corporate logos
  • Industry symbols/icons
  • Mood setting backdrops

Special Effects

Use special effects for dramatic presentation of products or marketing campaigns.

  • Fog
  • Strobe lights
  • Follow spots


Generators and Power Distribution

  • Movie Quiet Generators - Power for remote locations without the noise and nuisance.

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